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Reisgids Gambia | Bradt | aangeboden door De Zwerver op
Reisgids Gambia | Bradt |.

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Voor vele landen net zo goed, zo niet beter dan de Planet. Beduidend soberder uitgevoerd, maar ook met veel informatie voor backpackers en met veel kaartmateriaal. Een aanrader! Small in size but rich in African character, The Gambia and its resort-dotted coastline offer perhaps the closest English-speaking 'winter sun' destination from Europe. The interior, dominated by the lush jungle-fringed Gambia River, is home to plentiful birds and monkeys, time-warped traditional villages and mysterious megalithic sites. Bradt's The Gambia reveals all the background and practical information needed to explore arguably Africa's most welcoming and safest country, alongside detailed coverage of the many new eco lodges and informed advice on the country's birdwatching possibilities. The Gambia is a perfect destination for first-time visitors to the continent and remains popular with UK and European visitors - regularly attracting over 100,000 arrivals a year. - See more at: